The Importance of Social Media

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your business though different social media cannels such as Twitter and Facebook. It is an important and a powerful marketing strategy that can get a business media and costumer attention. The goal of social media is to bring traffic to your site to attract new business and there really is no other promotional method out there that can get you as much attention for as low a cost. Especially with the most recent economic recession, social media marketing is beginning to replace traditional marketing. Through social media marketing a company can enforce that it is a trusted brand. When a website receives a large number of permanent links from trusted domains it develops authority. With authority comes more popularity and hits to your site and eventually the site will bring in visitors from the major search engines like Google and Bing. Social media marketing is also more efficient than many other forms of marketing. It is instantaneous. While mail takes a few days and commercial and print advertising takes weeks to produce and print or air, when you post or link to your social media site it is immediately uploaded to the Internet and then available to your audience. It also starts a more personal conversation with your audience and useres can provide immediate feedback by commenting and linking your site to their own. The speed of social media marketing has also changed the pace of marketing on a whole. Consumers are beginning to expect that companies participating in web market and are often constantly in contact with their favorite brands receiving emails and Twitter updates the minute anyone they are following posts something new. The recent Kiplinger Letter that was sent out Feb. 19th looked at how ‘new technology is sparking a revolution.’ The economy, future trends in trade, changes in tax rates and pension planning, newspaper ad revenue plummeting all forecast social media marketing to grow at least 7% this year. Social media marketing is the new wave of marketing.


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