Your Audience is There, the Question is Are You?

A recent report by The Neilson Company stated that the average person spends between 5 and 6 hours a day on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace; Facebook being the number one global social networking site. The report took into account ten of the most web-friendly countries including the United States, Australia, and Japan, comparing last years statistics to current studies. According to the studies, this year web users have been spending 82% more time online than they did in 2009 where an estimated 3 hours per day were spent on social media sites. In December alone the average Facebook user spent more than 6 hours and 24 minutes on the site. This rapid growth in users and the considerable amount of attention that is being paid to social media sites proves there is an audience out there willing to invest their time- lots of it- online. The question is, are you as a company reaching out to that audience and specifically making the effort to connect with your target demographic?


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