Are you getting what you want from your SMM investment?

Social media monitoring (SMM) is a great tool to use to keep up with and keep track of your social media sites, but it can sometimes become a useless accessory if you are not able to fully operate the system or understand your different options. When choosing your SMM software there are a few things to take into account since many programs look snazzy but do not do the job as thoroughly as another program might. The most important question to ask according to MarketingProfs blog is where do you get your data? Not all programs use the same databases or web crawlers, so you have to decide what kind of information you are looking for and then look at which system is going to do the best job of searching the Internet for that information. No two SMM companies will offer you the same results, so you are going to need to compare your options against each other. Other questions to consider are: how far back do you pull data, how are you able to filter the data you retrieve, how can you segment data, what are your spam and garbage options, what is the cost and what are the support services, how many users does the system support and is there an additional cost, how deep are your analytics, and what does the system specialize in (what media channel is the strongest and do they cover social and traditional media)? For other questions to ask of your SMM software visit the MarketingProfs blog.


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