Word of Mouth Marketing

For small and large businesses alike ,word of mouth is most likely your main source of attention. Advertisements and marketing strategies have a purpose to spark conversation after reaching out to and being seen by readers, viewers, and followers.Word of mouth, however, has taken on a very different meaning since social networking sites have come into play. For example, we may not be talking as much as we are blogging, posting, or tweeting, allowing all of your followers to be made privy to your words. Word of mouth has taken on a very different form since social networking sites have come into play. But how do you become a major player in the talking game? There is actually a social networking site for that! Swom: Society for Word of Mouth, “helps people build word of mouth into the DNA of their organizations using social media.” Swom is both an educational resource as well as a place to share ideas and experiences. Forum threads range from ‘How local businesses gain strength in numbers’ to ‘What is a guest blogger worth?’ The social networking site is a great way to see what business professionals are doing right now with their companies and with over 168,000 subscribers it is a great way to get introduced to other people in your field. Swom also carefully monitors the content on the site to protect its users from spam and is known to remove users who are blatantly promoting something in order to maintain the productivity and authenticity of the site.


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