Facebook: Connecting with Loyal Costumers

Many of our favorite brands (Starbucks, Kohl’s, Target, Best Buy, ect.) are all using Facebook as one of the main ways to maximize their connection to their fans and costumers. Facebook for these companies is not the same as Facebook for the average private pedestrian user. It is a promotional tool that lets people know of current deals and savings opportunities and it is a tool that ties their costumers together while also allowing them to share their stories and voice specific complaints. Most companies hoped Facebook would act as a selling point when it originally started to become a marketing tool but it has proven to be more successful as a costumer service and branding tool.

The trick is to know how you can profit off Facebook. Since there is limited freedom to how your page will look, consistent updating of profiles to match the newest advertising campaigns and updating featured products is important. There is also a trick to guiding the conversation that is being held on your Facebook page. Many companies have costumer service staffers that are dedicated to responding to costumers on the site and that also try to harness the content being posted in order to control the conversation so it stays positive. It is important to know that bad comments or reviews are not necessarily bad for your company. Bill Emerson, a retail consultant said to the New York Time’s commented, “allowing criticisms to remain on a company-sponsored Web page isn’t negative. Some research shows you will do more business even with bad news than if you do not do anything.” What is important is that you address the criticism to show you are a brand that cares. Other tricks to maximize your Facebook usage: display custom content with RSS feeds which Facebook fans can subscribe to; make use of your Facebook events to interact with customers; add FBML (Facebook Markup Language) which will allow you to show off your logo or add hyperlinks that will guide fans back to your website.


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