New Technology is Sparking a Revolution

From the front page of the Kiplinger Letter, “New technology is sparking a revolution.”  But what does this mean?  It is almost impossible to miss the presence of Twitter, Facebook and other new online media.  For many people, the transition to new media has been a smooth one.  It started with a personal account on one site.  Then a friend convinces you to join the next big thing.  Before you know it, you feel out of the loop if you do not check the internet every few hours. The marketing and advertising worlds noticed these trends in the best possible way.  Instead of drawing you to their ads, they bring their ads to you, or at least to your personal pages.  Think of it this way… it’s the market’s way of giving you breakfast in bed.

Marketers promoting through Facebook and Twitter have the same, if not more, exposure to a targeted audience as they would promoting through a print ad.  They have the opportunity to filter their audience, allowing them to focus more on the specific needs rather then the general appeal.  Even better, its practically free.  With the shift in the economy, newspaper advertisements have decrease 40% since 2003 and are expected to drop another 20% by 2013.  Magazine and television ads are not as severe but follow a similar trend.  Meanwhile, online advertising is expected to grow 7% this year.

The smooth transition to media marketing can be as easy as you make it.  Follow your favorite brands, companies, and business from your favorite home site.  If their daily news interests you, click over to their site through a direct link.


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