3 Tips for Businesses Looking to get involved with Social Media

Gasp Four, a brand strategizing company out of the United Kingdom, has mastered the social media industry.  They have identified how to promote their business and their clients with this invaluable resource.  Giles Edwards, the creative director, has offered 3 tips for new businesses breaking into the social media market.

1.  Research the different platforms:  It is important to know your audience and know where they get their information.  Focus your marketing in highly concentrated areas so you do not spread yourself too thin.

2.  Different platforms will require different types of messages:  When you decide which media to market through, you must speak in that language.  The users who are your target audience set the standard.  Take note of how others successfully communicate through similar media.

3.  Don’t expect immediate results:  We are still in the beginning stages of social media, which means we are setting the trends.  It is about building relationships with clients in fun and creative ways.

Social media is the result of a constantly changing media market.  We must keep up with the changing times simply to keep up with our clients.  Social media marketing will soon become an indispensable component across the business field.


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