Internet Advertising Campaigns

Because of the Internet and sites like YouTube, your commercial advertising campaigns can have a longer shelf life than for what your company might have originally planned. Potential for campaigns to become viral eliminates any strict end dates. Therefore, you should be looking at a message and images in your advertisements that can serve your company for years to come. Adi Seidman, chief executive at New York agency Oddcast, explains that while an ad might not be getting the same amount of viewers now as it did during its peak, the tail off is still hundreds of thousands of viewers for a successful marketing campaign. “So even when the campaign has ended,” Seidman states, “the advertising will still linger on.” Peter Krivkovich, chief executive at Chicago’s Cramer-Krasselt, reported in an interview with the New York Times that “the days of just creative execution for the sake of creative execution are gone. The campaigns that last for a long, long time are not clever for the sake of being clever… rather, the goal is to come up with an insight, a human truth, that can live on a long time.”

Visit different video websites, and look at the advertisements that have been popular among viewers. On one YouTube channel alone, Starburst’s Berries and Cream commercial has had over 15 million viewers since its television debut in 2007. In fact, it appears on multiple YouTube channels as well as on other sites. Evian, however, has taken commercials’ success on YouTube and other sites in another direction. Evian tried out debuting an ad on the Internet to test its reach potential. Now, after 10 months, a grand total of 102 million views, 130,000 comments and 500,000 Facebook fans, Evian is putting its babies to work on TV. The success that the ad had online proved it would be a sound investment to launch the commercial on television in the US, and recently even in Europe.


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