Boost Your SEO with a YouTube Channel

There are many outlets on the Internet that you can tap into to help boost your search results but one that you might have over looked is YouTube. YouTube has become the second largest search engine after Google. Creating a YouTube channel for your company or brand is a surefire way to boost your SEO. Here are some tricks on how to launch a successful YouTube channel and what you should be focusing on in terms of content.

  • Trick one is to stay away from commercial like videos that simply sell your product. People want to watch informative videos that they can benefit from. Try to give them advice within your area of expertise. If there are five or so questions that you get most often from potential clients and buyers then create a video that answers these questions. Don’t to get caught up with the video quality. Flip cameras or even regular cameras that have a recording feature will work and you can edit your own videos on your computer.
  • Trick two is in the titles and descriptions. The more specific they are the more it will help boost your VSEO. Mashable blogger, Mitchell Harper,  explains, “say a company sells shoes and you just recorded and uploaded a video about ‘casual sneakers.’ You want to use the phrase in the title twice to maximize SEO impact –- once at the front and once at the end, like this: “Casual Sneakers — How to Choose Casual Sneakers 101.'” After, in the description you want to link back to your website and include a precise paragraph summarizing the video. The description is important because it is what will show up on Google and it determines which keywords and phrases your video will show up for.
  • The final trick is the important one. To get beyond your own personal linking of your video to your Facebook page and Twitter, post your content as a ‘video reply’ to other related videos. To do this search for similar videos with the same keywords or titles as yours and then post your video as a video reply. This will get your video more exposure and a steadier flow of traffic.

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