Google Buzz: Buzz to Your Advantage

Google Buzz is a great tool that can help you stay on top of your blogs and websites but many of you use it solely as a personal tool. You should know however, that it can also be a great tool for small businesses. The main reason that Google Buzz works so well with small business is because it operates directly with Gmail. This means that through the application you have the ability to reach out to tens of millions of people. So, if you have a list of all your contacts already stored on your email server Google Buzz will help you connect with them.  Mashable bogger, Adam Ostrow, explains 5 ways that small business can use Google Buzz in their marketing strategies:  


  1. Gathering Customer Feedback: Google Buzz allows you to post a short comment or message to your followers which is important in letting them know about updates on your business or brand. What’s so great about this feature is that it makes it really easy for you to monitor conversations so you can track customer ideas and reviews. It also makes it very easy to follow up with your fans.

  3. Engaging With Others: In the same way the Google Buzz makes it easier to gather customer feedback it also makes it really simple to engage with others either by commenting on a post or link, or more simply you can ‘like’ it much in the same way you ‘like’ thinks on Facebook. Or, since it is connected to Gmail and Gchat you are able to contact the person or brand more formally via emailing or more personally by chatting. 

  5. Collaboration: Buzz can be used both for broadcasting a message to all of your followers or to select groups of them. By grouping your friends and contacts it becomes really easy to reach out to different demographics.

  7. Marketing: Like FourSquare and Yelp with their location based services, encouraging your customers to check in on Buzz can be a way to drive free word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

  9. Sharing Content: Just like blogs and facebook, Buzz is another way to share content that you are posting or content that you like with others. 
Although Google Buzz is not yet formally designed to incorporate businesses it is headed in that direction similarly to how Facebook and Twitter both eventually adopted more business-friendly features. So familiarizing yourself with Buzz’s opportunities now could be immensely valuable in the future and, at present, it can provide some useful additional functionality for Gmail users and their contacts.

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