6% of the World is on Facebook!

If anyone is still doubting the staying power of Facebook than this post should fully convince you of the force the social networking site has throughout the world. Facebook is a global phenomenon. Currently its fastest growing market is South America and Asia with countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Argentina, and Malaysia each showing a 10% jump in Facebook memberships in a single month. The population of the Facebook members in these countries account for 232 million people which is roughly 3.5% of the world’s population. The worldwide membership however is a considerably larger percentage amounting to 6% of the population. Essentially, Facebook has become the world’s white pages and it is the most widely used search engine for finding friends, coworkers, relatives, ect. Chances are if you are looking for someone between the ages of 18-35 you will be able to find them on Facebook.

In the United States alone the numbers are outstanding. An article by Muhammed Saleen calculated that of the 309 million U.S. residents, over 116 million of them are on Facebook. Around 90% of people living in the cities of Dallas and Philadelphia are Facebook users and over half of the residents of Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, San Diago, and San Jose are on Facebook. These numbers continue to grow at astonishing rates with women over 55 being the fastest growing demographic. InsideFacebook.com estimated that the number of female users 35 and over doubled between the months of January and March. What makes Facebook such a success is how it quickly adopts features to make it more competitive with other social networking sites like Twitter and YouTube and how it has adapted to become more compatible with businesses. So, even though the site is not as new as other social networking sites it is still able to maintain an extremely competitive growth rate.

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