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Pinterest, the Social Network Women Love!

You certainly might have heard about Pinterest these past few weeks. It is the new trendy social network! Pinterest has quickly become one of the top five referring traffic sources for several apparel retailers.

The concept behind Pinterest is simple: it’s a virtual pinboard. You find things you like on the web or from your own photos and pin, organize and share them to your board.

You can also follow other people and see their pin’s board on your “home” Pinterest page.








A Pinterest’s board

What is getting the attention is the amazing growth. At the start of 2012, Pinterest’s daily user count was 810,000. Six weeks later, it was at 2 million!

The most interesting fact is that most of all users are women. According to Inside Network’s AppData tracking service, 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women.







A Pinterest’s home page

But why does Pinterest appeal women so well?

First of all the visual aspect is definitely a part of the answer. It’s important to remember that women are the strongest consumers, so it makes sense that a something driven on a visual board would strike a chord with them.

The second thing is about the content. Trend in creative communities such as home decor blogs, homeschooling blogs, DIY blogs, food blogs, as well as fashion blogs and those are definitely places where lots of women get together virtually.

Let us know if you are on Pinterest and if you are a man or a woman?